Goblin Love Stories
Goblins All Around Me

Book I of the Goblin Love Stories

Love, life and travels of a goblin shaman

It’s a goblin book, don’t call it a fantasy novel, as these are my very own memories. Yep, it’s a goblin life written by a goblin author, so dont’ expect any niceties about your people, oh no, not this time. There’s enough stories about human heroes already – all fabricated, planking fairy tales.
No, what you need is a book about a goblin, a series of books and it’s called Goblin Love Stories, because it’s all about love and goblins… did I mention goblins?

Goblin with a fire ball

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An anxious goblin and his crazy fellowship

This book is aaaall about love, mostly.

You may follow me, Joh Ni, the goblin shaman supreme on my long, long, long path from a tiny helpless green toddler to a supreme being… which everyone tells me I am, but I still feel like a toddler most days.
Even so I am the main character I spend the most time running away. I mean the worlds of the Sphere are a dangerous place and there is nearly no species as weak as us poor, little, innocent goblins – except for imps maybe, and humans…

You have to know this journey took years and years and it all started with a series of unfortunate events when a human hero, the curse of the Goddess on them, killed all my goblin comrades. But this did not make it easier to deal with them, dead goblins are as terrible as living ones. While I tried getting rid of those annoying bastards and maybe save my tribe on the side, hordes of demons, elves, skeletons and even a planking monster from behind the rift got in my way.

You may learn a lot of goblin secrets you never would have thought off – who thinks of goblins anyways? But we are more than cannon fodder for your endless wars, all stereotypes are true and stupid at the same time.
And even though this story is a lot about fighting, and mostly running away, it’s also about love, starting from my tragical, unrequited first love. But it’s not some romance, mind you, most goblins have not a tad of romance in them, and I must admit that I may lack in this department too. But your human concept of romance is that of an eight-year-old anyways.

Some may think this is your standard fantasy book. I mean elves, heroes, magic, demons, a doomed quest… its all there, except this book is all about goblins, specifically, about me. These are my memoirs and in this first book you’ll read how I got possessed by 500 angry ghosts, fell in love with an elf, got saved by a hero and made my first steps to become the Goblin Supreme.

Want to read a little starter?


Joh Ni – Goblin Shaman Supreme

Joh Ni is a goblin, world saviour and author of his memoirs “Goblin Love Stories”

I was born as “Short Nose Number Five” as one of many little goblins. Goblin educations doesn’t take long, it’s mostly: “Learn to walk, grab that sword, kill that thing over there…” I was lucky to have been born with the rare talent of magic. Our village shaman took me in as an apprentice, and I decided to one day become the mightiest goblin shaman alive. I am still working on it.

But after I survived everything the Sphere and the Gods threw at me, I decided to make some coins on the side by publishing my very own life story. But as most goblins do not read and more educated folks in the sphere seem to be to high nosed to read the memoirs of a tiny goblin I decided to search the multiverse for people that were stu… culturally interested in the life and times of a goblin shaman.

Here we are…

fiddling Goblin

Hannes Wagner

Hannes is a human.

…oh, more? Isn’t that enough? Ok, fine!

Hannes is a human from the German tribe. I coerced him with mind bending magic to translate the “Goblin Love Stories” into the most used language on your planet, but as he did not know “Chinese” I settled for “English”.

He is an useful allround creator of text and pictures, middle aged, middle sized and father of two creatures whose behaviour sounds like standard goblins to me. If you are German, you may find some of his creative outbursts on the interwebs.

And now write: “Thank you, almighty Goblin Supreme”.
Thank you, almighty Goblin Supreme!






The Sphere

Romance (lots)

“He’s just a tiny disgusting goblin, and he wants, what all goblins want. One day I’m gonna smash his head in, but only after he finished that wonderful book series…”


Slayer of Goblins

Silver Level Adventurer

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